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MOSAIC Student Artist Program<

MOSAIC Student Artists with Spring 2022 Visiting Artist Juan Carlos Escobedo

MOSAIC Student Artist Program

The Contemporary at Blue Star’s MOSAIC Student Artist Program is open to high school students who are interested in developing their professional artistic skills and careers in the arts. The after-school program is a combination of studio practice and exposure to the business side of art and arts administration. An extension of the Contemporary’s educational programs, we are committed to giving MOSAIC students free access to quality arts education, encouraging high standards of achievement, and fostering excellence and leadership.

MOSAIC Visiting Artists mentor students in a diverse range of art mediums in an intensive, independent study format. The MOSAIC Student Art Gallery features student exhibitions, drawing hundreds of visitors and adds to San Antonio’s vibrant and rich visual culture. Students participate in the Contemporary’s programs and have access to visiting artists.

100% of MOSAIC’s students have graduated high school and our concentration on college readiness prepares them for careers in the arts, sharing in San Antonio’s cultural economy and continuing the Contemporary’s mission to inspire the creative genius in us all by nurturing artists through contemporary art.

MOSAIC Student Artists with Spring 2022 Visiting Artist Juan Carlos Escobedo

2024 Session with Liz Gómez

In this session, students will work with visiting artist Liz Gomez to develop and expand their visual literacy skills by exploring the elements of art and principle of design through recycled materials. In this development, students will learn to express their thoughts and ideas creatively by exploring the intersections of environment and activism. Artworks will be prepared for analysis and exhibition in the MOSAIC student gallery.


Workshop Schedule
March 30–April 27, 2024
Fridays 5:30 pm – 8:30pm
Saturdays 11 am – 2 pm

Workshops will be held at 116 Blue Star

For more information contact MOSAIC Coordinator Aminah Parham at or (210) 960-6406.

About the Artist
Liz Gomez is an Afro-Indigenous artist and educator whose work utilizes portraiture and abstraction to bridge the physical world and the spirit. Gomez views image-making as an avenue for storytelling and liberation. A necessary archive of bold existence in a time when people of color (BIPOC) are asked to forget their past in order to access a brighter future. Gomez’s creations omit nothing and choose to acknowledge both joy and suffering as tools for self and community healing. Gomez believes that only by facing our collective and internal truths can we exist in true wholeness. Gomez’s mediums are infinite and take shape around sustainable and repurposed materials in the environment. From canvas to curtain and painting to performance, her creations seek to be in relationship with the present surroundings.

To learn more about Liz, visit

Liz Gomez