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The Artist’s Digest featuring Rand Renfrow

The Artist’s Digest featuring Rand Renfrow

April 2, 2020

Hi again,

For the next episode of The Artist’s Digest I am speaking with Rand Renfrow about his work in the exhibition More Findings. Check out the video or take a listen to the podcast included below on on Apple Podcasts. Once again images for the exhibition are included in this post. Enjoy and find our more about Rand and how he stays inspired.

Think Like An Artist!

Below are some prompts inspired by Rand and his works. Give them a try and send us your comments, drawings, and photos.

  1. Central to Rand’s practice is the documenting of the world around him by drawing, photographing, making lists, and taking notes. Walk around your house and write down new observations or try categorizing and creating a typology, like all the weeds in your backyard.
  2. Do you keep a sketchbook. For many artists this in an important part of their practice. As Rand shares this doesn’t have to only be drawings. It can be a note, a quote, a poem, a clipping, it can live on your phone or be photographs documenting the world around you to inspire new ideas.
  3. Rand created his own iconography of shapes as both drawings and sculptures in response to a list of describable emotions. The result is a new language of sorts which can be deciphered or even assigned new meaning as the viewer tries to discover what these icons are. Look at the list of emotions and try creating your own iconography. Did you make a list or typology for prompt number one? Try creating an iconography for it.
  4. Check out this lesson to dive deeper into thinking about representing emotion through icons and symbols.

Happy creating,

Jacqueline Saragoza McGilvray