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The Artist’s Digest featuring Candace Hicks

The Artist’s Digest featuring Candace Hicks

March 23, 2020

Hi Everyone,

For the first episode of The Artist’s Digest I am speaking with Candace Hicks about her work in the exhibition Secret Passage and her practice. Check out the video or take a listen to the podcast included below. You can find images from the exhibition in this post too.

Think Like An Artist!

Below are some prompts inspired by Candace and her works. Give them a try and send us your comments, drawings, and photos.

  1. Draw and illustration for a poem or book you’ve read.
  2. Think of a coincidence that has stayed with you. Did it feel significant or hold any weight for you?
  3. Are there things you assign meaning to that may not have meaning to others?
  4. Candace refers to coincidence as a type of pattern and unique patterns are present in each cover of her soft sculpture works. Try drawing your own patterns. Simple geometric shapes and lines are a good place to start.
  5. Candace’s work is a reflection of our impulse to make a record, share our stories, and write our own story for ourselves. Do you keep a journal or records? Try starting one. Start with writing one to two sentences for each day. It can be anything!
  6. What is the importance of books to you?

Happy creating,

Jacqueline Saragoza McGilvray


*Opening reception photographs by Francisco Cortes. Installation photographs by Jacqueline Saragoza McGilvray