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Publishing Against the Grain Online

Many of the international publications included in Independent Curators International’s traveling exhibition are available online:

Online seach engine/archive of the publication
Courtesy of Bisagra
Online Radio Station
Courtesy of Chimurenga
Courtesy of Curatorial Dictionary
Web blog
Courtesy of Art Leaks
Online magazine
Courtesy of East of Borneo
Courtesy of Our Literal Speed
Online journal
Courtesy of Start Journal
Photojournalism website
Courtesy of Uganda Press Photo Award
Issue 1, 2015
Online magazine
Courtesy of Stationary
Online, video, sound
Courtesy of Tráfico Visual
BSC nominations*
Online and print publication
Courtesy of Pastelegram
Molly Sherman
Free online book, print edition also published
Publishing Against the Grain online text: Pastelegram

Publishing Against the Grain