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Looking Back; The Minutia Series Continues

Sep 1–30, 2011

Image Gallery

Looking Back; The Minutia Series Continues

Sep 1–30, 2011

September 1 – September 30, 2011
Gallery 4

Featuring Debra Sugerman


In 2006 Debra Sugerman directed Dear Mr. President, a feature length documentary film. Presently, Sugerman is directing and producing Broken, an epilogue project to Dear Mr. President, being filmed in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank.

She is the creator and former co-director of the Creativity for Peace Camp, which works with teenage girls from Israel and Palestine, breaking down barriers and building coexistence between the two cultures.

Debra Sugerman makes part of her living in the feature film industry while concurrently working as a freelance photographic artist. Now garnering more producing and directing work, she continues to work as a technician in the art and costumes departments of major motion pictures. Some of her selected credits include: Skateland (Freeman Films), Evening (Focus Features), The Clique (Warner Brothers), 13 Conversations About One Thing (double a films), Boys Don’t Cry (Fox Searchlight), Election (MTV Films), Igby Goes Down (United Artists), Kate and Leopold (Miramax Films), Eve’s Bayou (Tri Mark Films), and many more. Her television experience is as diverse as A&E Biography to of high-budget beer and truck commercials.

Sugerman’s strong creative vision can be seen on films like: Heterosexuals, Pretend, Shout it Out, Waiting for Superman and Dear Mr. President.

Sugerman’s photographs exhibit in galleries across the USA. Her images are featured in The Sun Magazine as well as Conde Nast: Traveler and Parents Magazine, on dozens of CD covers, and for imagery on book covers by Knopf, Harper Collins, Vintage Books and others.

She holds a BA in Fine Arts from The University of Texas at Austin and a MFA in Visual Arts from Vermont College.