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Taco Talk with Michael Guerra Foerster and CAM Perennial Artists

Friday, March 1, 2024

+ Free and open to the public

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Join us for breakfast tacos and an artist-led walkthrough with exhibiting artists, Michael Guerra Foerster and the CAM Perennial curator and artists! Learn more about the artwork, process, and the significance behind the work.

In partnership with Contemporary Art Month, Contemporary at Blue Star will host the 2024 CAM Perennial exhibition, Vernacular Systems, curated by Christopher Blay. Vernacular Systems highlights themes of interconnectivity from personal and globalized perspectives. The artists reflect on the human nature to connect to the world around us–from nature, to family, to work, and the day to day. They also critique histories and systems which thrive on disconnection yet resolve in knowing that even when connection is not visible, there exists networks of systems linking humanity, roots that may unify. Vernacular Systems features San Antonio and Houston artists: Ricky Armendariz, Nela Garzón, Jennifer Battaglia, Juan Carlos Escobedo, Preston Gaines, Raul Rene Gonzalez, Mark Anthony Martinez, Shavon Morris, Marc Newsome, Alán Serna, Monique Sullivan, and Zulma Vega.


Michael Guerra Foerster’s solo exhibition, Without a Trace, investigates connection, and touches on ideas of materialism, and the ephemeral. In large part a reaction to capitalistic structures that surround the art world, Foerster freely gifts his work in the hopes of creating genuine connections between the artwork, viewer, and artist. In his exhibition at the Contemporary, Foerster creates an exercise in loss and letting go by creating an interactive installation which will involve the viewer destroying unfired clay sculptures to find a token to carry home.

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