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Open Call for Workshop Artists

Deadline Sept 30, 2022

Blue Star Contemporary is pleased to offer this open call opportunity to teaching artists based in San Antonio and surrounding cities with experience working with youth audiences. Artists are invited to submit a portfolio of their work and a proposal for an instructional activity to be considered for future educational opportunities with BSC’s MOSAIC Student Artists, public programs like Family Saturday, and other special projects. Your submitted portfolio should give us an understanding of the visual and conceptual themes within your practice, and your voice as an artist and educator.


“A Teaching Artist is a practicing professional artist with the complementary skills, curiosities, and sensibilities of an educator, who can effectively engage a wide range of people in learning experiences in, through, and about the arts.” — Eric Booth (The Music Teaching Artist’s Bible published by Oxford University Press, 2009).

  • Must be based in San Antonio or within commuting distance of San Antonio (Austin, New Braunfels, etc.)
  • Artist must have at least 2 years of relevant experience and/or specialized arts training, such as a degree or certificate.
  • Artist’s application demonstrates a clear investment of time and resources into their artistic practice.
  • Graduate students can apply with a letter of recommendation.
  • Artist is at least 18 years old.
  • Must have experience working with young audiences to inspire their curiosity and artistic growth
  • Must complete background check.

What to include in your application:

All applications must contain the following and be submitted via this Google form and include the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Email
  • Portfolio Submission: The items can be provided as links to your website or uploaded. PDF’s have a 10MB file size limit. Please also limit PDF to 5-8 images for your artwork portfolio.
  • Project statement about portfolio
  • Artist statement about your practice
  • Previous experience working with youth
  • Artist CV
  • Detailed workshop/project proposal
    • -include cost, materials, instructions, example photo, duration of workshop
  • Is program best suited for: MOSAIC Student Artist Program (9 – 12th grade) or Family Saturday (K – 8)
    • If you have program proposals for more than 1 program, please upload all proposals and indicate which program it is for.

Direct questions regarding the submission process to Asaiah Puente, Education Manager via email at:

Expectations for Selected Artists

BSC is a W.A.G.E. certified organization. We pay all workshop artists an honorarium based on our operating budget and W.A.G.E. guidelines. We also provide compensation for curriculum development and will cover the cost workshop materials. As an organization, we value your expertise, time, and commitment. The breakdown of these items will be covered in a formal agreement between BSC and the artist.

-Event w/multiple participants (.02% of Total Anual Operating Expenses (TAOE))

-Artist Talk or Reading of existing work (.02% TAOE)

-Workshops & Artist Talk of Reading of Commissioned Work (.03% TAOE)

Blue Star Contemporary will not present or share artist’s unique proposal without compensation. All proposals/curricula remains the property of the artist.

Workshop Artists Commit To: 

  • Implement creative and engaging curricula through in-person and virtual workshops/residencies, both in local schools and at the Blue Star Contemporary, solo or as part of a team.
  • Collaborate with BSC staff to create, refine, and implement curricula based upon ongoing assessment of classroom efficacy.
  • Maintain a safe, well-managed learning environment with clear expectations of students.
  • Work closely with partners to achieve goals and learning outcomes.
  • Proactively communicate with the BSC staff regarding scheduling and other needs.
  • Attend mandatory training and demonstrate an openness to coaching and feedback.
  • Represent Blue Star Contemporary in a professional and informed manner.

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