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Open Call for Artists

Deadline March 1, 2022


Open Call for Artists
Deadline: March 1, 2022


Blue Star Contemporary is pleased to offer this open call opportunity to artists based in Texas, nationally, and internationally. Artists are invited to submit a portfolio of their work and be considered for future exhibition opportunities, public programs, and other special projects. Exhibitions in development draw from competitive applicants whose work aligns with BSC’s mission and core values. BSC was founded in 1986 by San Antonio artists as a space to show their work, thus supporting and exhibiting work by our region’s artists remains a central part of our programming, in addition to working with artists from across the globe.

Your submitted portfolio should give us an understanding of the visual and conceptual themes within your practice, and your voice as an artist. Please note this is not an exhibition proposal. BSC is interested in working collaboratively with artists to figure out what work suits our organization, audiences, and supports each artist’s creative vision. Exhibitions are scheduled about two years out so this means they continue to develop over time. We identify artists to work with through open calls and a variety of other ways. You can get a better understanding of our programs by visiting our exhibition archive page.

BSC’s values of equity, diversity, and inclusion are foundational to our mission to serve all artists. These values are demonstrated by creating the conditions for an approachable application process, by continuing efforts to support artists of all backgrounds, and by working towards inclusivity and accessibility for applicants. Blue Star Contemporary inspires the creative genius in us all by nurturing artists through innovative contemporary art and fulfills this mission guided by five core values– being artist-centric, forward-thinking, inclusive, educational, exceeding expectations and surprising visitors. Artists we engage share in these values and conduct themselves with integrity and respect when collaborating with BSC and its staff.


-Artist must have at least 5 years of relevant experience and/or specialized arts training, such as a degree or certificate.
-Artist’s application demonstrates a clear investment of time and resources into their artistic practice.
-Artist has professional portfolios that include publicly displayed and possibly published works.
-Artist has not had a solo exhibition at Blue Star Contemporary within the last five years.
-Artist is not currently a student.
-Artist’s work demonstrates artistic excellence.
-Artist is at least 18 years old.


All applications must contain the following and be submitted via typeform

  1. Name
  2. Phone number
  3. Address
  4. Email

The below items can be provided as links to your website or compiled into a single pdf. PDF’s have a 10MB file size limit. Please also limit PDF to 15-20 images for your artwork portfolio.

  1. Link to one portfolio of work on your website
  2. Link to project statement about portfolio
  3. Link to artist statement about your practice
  4. Link to biographical artist narrative
  5. Link to artist CV

Application Fee: FREE


Direct questions regarding the submission process to Jacqueline Saragoza McGilvray, Curator and Exhibitions Manager by phone at

Exhibition Support & Expectations for Selected Artists

BSC is a W.A.G.E. certified organization. We pay all exhibiting artists an honoraria based on our operating budget and W.A.G.E. guidelines. Artists participating in or leading public programs are also paid an honoraria. BSC covers two way shipping costs for all works exhibited. If an artist is requested onsite to complete an installation or invited for a public program BSC covers travel and accommodations and pays artists a per diem (some limitations apply). BSC is most often not commissioning projects or new work, we therefore do not offer financial support in the form of materials stipends for the production of work. We do not cover packing expenses, framing, studios assistants labor, etc. Installations are completed by our full-time, staff Gallery Manager and contracted crew. Artists on site for installation are provided assistants. Displays, vitrines, pedestals, miscellaneous hardware, and technology are most often provided or fabricated by BSC. We work with artists to evaluate their needs and offer as as much support as possible within our capacity. Artists send work ready to install with detailed instructions. When BSC commissions projects additional support is provided. We remain flexible and committed to our mission to support artists. BSC also provides professional documentation, promotion, assistance editing and fine tuning artist statements and biographies for exhibiting artist, fine art insurance for work while in transit and on view, and develops public programs, connecting our audiences more deeply with the work on view. This description serves to give artists an understanding of BSC’s institutional capacity and is not a binding document or set in stone. Please find our FY22 (Oct 1, 2021 – Sept 30, 2022) artist fee rates below. These rates fluctuate each year with our operating budget. Detailed definitions of categories can be found on the W.A.G.E. website.

-Solo Exhibition $1,620 USD (percent of annual operating budget 0.20%)
-Solo Project $972 (.12%)
-2 Person Exhibition $812 (.10%)
-Group Exhibition 3-5 Artists $405 (.05%)
-Group Exhibition 6+ Artists $243 (.03%)
-Traveling Exhibition 50% of standard full fee
-Performance of Existing Work $486 (.06%)
-Performance/Commissioning of New Work $972 (.12%)
-Solo Screening $162 (.02%)
-Event w/multiple participants $162 (.02%)
-Artist Talk or Reading of existing work $163 (.02%)
-Workshops & Artist Talk of Reading of Commissioned Work $243 (.03%)
-Existing text for publication $.04/word
-Commissioned text for publication $.40/word
-Day rate for performers $125 or $25/hr

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