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Black Box Book Club – “The Gift: Creativity And The Artist In The Modern World”

January 7–February 4, 2016

Black Box Book Club

  • Thursday, January 7, 2016 –
  • February 4, 2016

The current exhibition on view Gift: An Exquisite Exhibition is inspired by Lewis Hyde’s seminal text, The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World. Co-organized by Virginia Rutledge, this exhibition uses Hyde’s thesis of art as an economy of generosity as inspiration. An artwork, from its inception as an idea to its continuing existence long after the artist’s death, is a gift. A central theme of Hyde’s book, the idea of art as a generous act, inspires this dynamic exhibition encouraging collectors and artists to respond over the course of the show to the previous artworks presented, all representing themes of generosity and giving.

Join us during the exhibition’s cycle as we read through Hyde’s book for a Black Box Book Club led by Penelope Speier, artist and Contemporary at Blue Star Education Committee Chair.

Below are meeting dates and a reading calendar for participants. Books are available for purchase at The Twig, located at the Pearl, for 10% discount off cover price. Lunches are available for purchase on arrival. Please RSVP here or call 210.227.6960.

Book Club Meeting Dates:

January 7 12pm-1pm Discussion of part 1

January 20 12pm-1pm Discussion of part 2

February 4 12pm-1pm Discussion of Conclusion and final thoughts on the book

Club reading calendar

Part 1

December 1 – 6 : Chapter 1 and 2

December 7 – 13 : Chapter 3 and 4

December 14 – 20 : Chapter 5 and 6

December 21 – 31 : Chapter 7

Part 2

January 1 – 6 : Chapter 8

January 7 – 13 Chapter 9

January 14 – 20 Chapter 10

January 21 – 31 Conclusion and On Being Good Ancestors

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