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Image Gallery

Featuring Rebekah Boagrd, Anne Drew Potter, Rebecca Hutchinson, and Susan Beiner

Rebekah Bogard- “Distract Me…” earthenware, underglaze, glaze, resin, 2006,
17” x 130” x 17”

Anne Drew Potter- “Big Baby” ceramic and cloth, 2009.

Anne Drew Potter- “The Judgement of Br’er Rabbit- Tar Baby II” earthenware, highfire glazing, acrylic, 2007,
26” x 18” x 20” in.

Anne Drew Potter- “Miss Moppet and Brother John” stoneware, glaze, reduced iron oxide, 2009, 36” x 72” 36” in.

Rebecca Hutchinson- “Sile Bloom” (Accommodation Series) handmade paper, porcelain slip, tree limbs, 2009. Sizes Vary.

Susan Beiner- “Synthetic Stems” porcelain, foam, polyfil, plexiglass bases, 2008,
12” x 6”D to 6” x 16” D