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Tertium Quid, The Third Thing

December 3, 2009 - February 13, 2010

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December 3, 2009 – February 13, 2010
Project Space

Featuring Sally Weber

Enter the dark listening.
The experience of loss, grief or mourning reveals a thread leading to the unexpected. Tertium Quid, the third thing, is neither the innocence before, nor the despair. It is a merged perception which sees the complexity of the human condition as it is.

These installations reflect on Tertium Quid as a synthesis of both but neither. They come out of the darkness, are captured by light, exist in space and change in time. The light and darkness infiltrate each other. Without both we see nothing. Together something new emerges.

I work with light in the dark.
Hours spent closely watching light reveal the space between photons, a glittering vibration that never rests in the eye. Light doesn’t just bounce off surfaces. It exists of its own and by its own. We move through it unwittingly as a fish through water or a bird through air.  It is the substance of all we see, that which differentiates form from color from surface and texture; from each other. We can feel light. We feel darkness too. It’s absence penetrates to our core.

It is this darkness that overwhelms the senses.
Animals seeking shelter venture into a cave only as far as the light penetrates. Time and movement slows in its depths.  Except for the water. Water carves the cave, nurtures its few blind inhabitants and escapes the depths having scoured the inner surfaces smooth. When it emerges marbled by the swirling turbulence of rock and soil it recaptures the light.  Changed by the passage.  – Sally Weber