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A Relationship with Flight

November 6, 2020  - May 9, 2021

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Middle Gallery

November 6, 2020  – May 9, 2021

Ryan Takaba’s installation A Relationship with Flight at Contemporary at Blue Star expands on his investigations from his Berlin Residency at Künstlerhaus Bethanien and his ongoing research on death rite rituals. The private altar consists of three elements – fresh flowers, the burning of incense, and the lighting of candles, the materials of which are utilized in this work. The sphere is in the form of a balloon lifting ash. The cube is in the form of a kite sailing flowers. The wax piece in the form of a parachute melting.  All three of these forms move and respond to the draft in the room, the temperature, the objects energy, and the viewers presence–the fourth element of the installation. Takaba’s work creates an intersection between physics and metaphysics, calling the viewer to be aware to the physical space they occupy and their effects, and perhaps our spiritual existence with refences to human mortality and unseen forces.