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Rimanenze: Lost And Found

December 4, 2008 - February 1, 2009

Image Gallery

December 4, 2008 – February 1, 2009
Gallery 4

Featuring Dennis Olsen


Over the past several years my interest in archaic documents and the metaphorical implications of palimpsests, codes, and languages has resulted in ceramic pieces that give tangibility to the images portrayed in my monoprints. Beginning in 2006 I made tablets and other small objects in porcelain that referenced jade, marble, and ivory and which seem to be artifacts whose meaning and purpose have been lost over time.

The illuminated pieces in this exhibition are of bone china and their translucency reveals both overlapping details and the nuance of latent images.

Very little of the text is legible and none was invented by the artist. – Dennis Olsen, December 2008