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September 4 - September 28, 2014

Image Gallery

September 4 – September 28, 2014
Gallery 4

Featuring Lané Pittard

With a quietness both disarming and captivating, Lané Pittard’s photographs appear to depict existing geographies and moments passed, yet are captured with a point of view that translates scenes into imagery that is dreamlike and cinematic. Interested in the photograph as object, Pittard presents her work in a way that highlights the photograph’s physicality.


Lané Pittard spent early years drawing and painting before she began making images with a camera and film. Primarily self-taught, she credits her travels, periods of apprenticeship, and the mentorships she found with photographers, artists, and cinematographers whose work she admires. View more of her works at


Lané Pittard makes exposures on medium-format, 120-mm film using an all-manual camera and a hand-held light meter. She prefers to work exclusively with existing, natural light. Using a camera with interchangeable film backs allows the choice between black-and-white or color film for each individual shot. Shots are composed full-frame, so as to eliminate the need for cropping. Black-and-white negatives are printed in the traditional, wet-process darkroom manner on fiber-based paper containing silver. Color negatives are scanned and then printed as giclée prints.