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December 3, 2009 - January 2, 2010

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December 3, 2009 – January 2, 2010
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Featuring Kim Bishop

Water is often linked to symbolic passages in our lives. We view water as a cleansing element whether it is used to physically cleanse our bodies or spiritually to cleanse our souls. Yet it also brings life. The Yucatec Maya linked the cenote or well with the renewal of the moon, believing that the moon goddess (also sometimes represented as the Virgin Mary) could bring the rain, and that the cenote was a passage way to the underworld.

As I search for new beginnings and a spiritual renewal I dream of water. I dream of swimming in clear natural pools, deep and dark with streams of light moving, changing, and splitting the blue. I am not afraid. I am calm, renewed, and content. Passage represents my inner well and my movement through it, passing into a new phase of life like the moon dieing and being reborn. -Kim Bishop

Kim Bishop earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Southwest Texas State University and her Master of Arts degree from Texas State University. Her work has been exhibited at places in San Antonio such as; The Southwest School of Arts and Crafts, Contemporary at Blue Star, The SAVA Gallery, Bismark Gallery, Robot Gallery, and Flight Gallery.

In addition to working as a professional artist, Bishop has been teaching art 2nd grade through university level since 1989. The past 15 years devoted to high school level arts programs, while teaching art education courses at Texas Lutheran University. She has worked with the education departments at the Museo Alameda, Jump Start, Art Pace and Contemporary at Blue Star, developing curriculum for San Antonio students and teachers. She considers her mission in life is to bring art and art education to as many as possible.

Born in Austin, Texas, Bishop grew up as an only child, raised by her single mother (Alicia Helton) and grandparents (DeWitt and Marjorie Reddick). “The 60’s and 70’s were wonderful times to be a kid in Austin and growing up around the UT campus was a large part of my life. My mother’s journalistic involvement in civil rights activism and my grandparent’s words of wisdom taught me the importance of fairness, freedom of expression, and contribution to positive change in our world. As a child they always encouraged me through dialogue, and the arts. We would make crafts and sell them on the Drag to college students. I had my first art show there when I was 9. It is my hope that I can instill these same values to my students and my 2 beautiful boys Timothy and Dillon.”