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Narrative Axis

September 3 - November 8, 2015

Image Gallery

Narrative Axis

September 3 – November 8, 2015
Main Gallery

Featuring Joey Fauerso, Tatiana Istomina, Patte Loper, Matt Neff, Mona Sharma, Adam Shecter, Naho Taruishi & Arturs Virtmanis

Narrative Axis is a selection of works by artists participating in the Drawing Center’s Open Sessions program. Featuring artists Joey Fauerso, Tatiana Istomina, Patte Loper, Matt Neff, Mona Sharma, Adam Shecter, Naho Taruishi, and Arturs Virtmanis. The exhibition was up from September 3, 2015, to November 8, 2015.

An important component of the exhibition was drawing lab that served as an experimental and education space for visitors, children and adults alike. The drawing lab contained alternative drawing materials that changed throughout the exhibition.

The Drawing Center shares a connection to Contemporary at Blue Star’s founding commitment as a resource for artists to expand their practice and foster connections with each other, with the public, and in the context of larger critical dialogue. Contemporary at Blue Star is delighted to partner with the Drawing Center and bring artwork produced as an outcome of this innovative program to Texas.

“As the head of the drawing program at Texas State University, I’m really excited to be a part of a program at the Drawing Center, because the Drawing Center has been so influential in expanding the boundaries of drawing in practice and definition. I think this exhibition will reflect the expansive and innovative position of drawing in the contemporary art landscape,” states Joey Fauerso, a featured artist and major force behind this collaboration.

The Drawing Center, an organization in Manhattan’s SoHo district, explores the medium of drawing as primary, dynamic, and relevant to contemporary culture, the future of art, and creative thought. Open Sessions is a two-year program created as a platform for artists to find new approaches for contextualizing and exhibiting their work, through conversation, public programs, and gallery installations.