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Mater Terra

August 14 - September 25, 2010

Image Gallery

August 14 – September 25, 2010

Featuring Laurel Gibson


“I consistently use symbols from diverse cultures in my artwork, while keeping the integrity of their original meanings. In combining elements of Eastern and Western symbols, new symbols are created to achieve a harmonious union. I see artwork as an instrument for uniting opposing views and representing an optimistic future. My work projects yearnings for peace and joy that are changeless over time in any country. Through different media, shapes, colors, and techniques, my art leads people to reflect on the transience of life and to appreciate the world around them.” Laurel Gibson


Laurel Gibson is a professional artist known for both her ceramics and mixed media artworks. Though positive mentoring with teachers from a young age she went on to receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts with honors and an emphasis in ceramics (1997-2001), to a Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Texas in San Antonio (2002-05). She acquired additional art education through The Art Institute of Chicago and through Arizona State University in a study abroad program in Avignon and Paris, France. She recently taught at a summer youth program at the King Ranch in Kingsville Texas. Laurel feels strongly about the importance of encouraging young artists to express their ideas through art.

Laurel has received numerous awards and her artwork has been featured in national and international publications, as well as in many solo and group exhibits.