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June 26 - August 17, 2008

Image Gallery

June 26 – August 17, 2008
Project Space

Featuring Alex Rubio


The pre-apocalyptic images in the Exodus exhibition are an attempt to compare images of past religious, historical doctrines and superstitions with our contemporary fears of the end of days.

My focus has always been on community awareness through images of my Westside San Antonio barrio, my family, and my neighbors.  This exhibit also focuses on community but a more universal community. During the past few years many people from around the world have been experiencing fears of the end of days, because of the current events both natural and political.  What is interesting is that these fears have not changed from those fears of the past, however the imagery has. Contemporary man has combined the past with the present by modifying these images to better represent our own times.  My hope is, through these pre-apocalyptic images in the Exodus exhibition, to make a comparison of historical religious philosophies and doctrines, superstitions and folklores of many cultures to our ever-changing contemporary age. – Alex Rubio