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Exhibitions 2007

Image Gallery

Semmes Library
Thursday, March 8th: 88, paintings by Wai Ching Lam. Opening from 5 to 7 pm at the Semmes Library, 15060 Judson Road, San Antonio, TX 78247. Exhibit runs through May 8th.

Main Gallery and Middle Gallery
April 5th–June 17th: Monumental Drawing, curated by Barbara MacAdam. Exhibit opens April 5th at 6:00 p.m. “While the theme of this show, monumental drawings, is a loose one, it is intended to focus on the questions of if, how much, and when size matters in artists’ conceptions of their work and in viewers’ perceptions. The eight artists in the exhibition —Mike Bidlo, Annabel Daou, Nancy Haynes, Ryan McGinness, Creighton Michael, David Rabinowitch, David Remfry, Daniel Zeller—have all worked in different scales, the monumental only on occasion, and their styles, working methods, materials, and subject matter (where applicable) vary widely,” Barbara A. MacAdam, Deputy Editor ARTnews
Project Space Gallery
April 5th-29: Robert Trépanier and Stuart Allen: Kites.

Gallery 4
April 5th-29th: Katie Pell: The Best That I Can Give You and Only Half of What You Deserve. Exhibit opens April 5th at 6:00 p.m. Pell’s exhibit will be a site-specific interactive drawing.

Main Gallery and Middle Gallery
April 5th–June 17th: Monumental Drawing, curated by Barbara MacAdam.

Project Space Gallery
May 3 – June 17: AIA New York.
Texas Uprising
June 7th and 8th: co-curated by Bill FitzGibbons and Scott A. Sherer, PhD. A city-wide sculptural exhibition celebrating the work of over forty contemporary sculptors in Texas. Outdoor and indoor installations at St. Paul Square, Blue Star Arts Complex River Frontage, Palo Alto College, San Antonio Botanical Gardens, UTSA 1604 and Downtown Campuses.

Main Gallery and Middle Gallery
June 28th-August 19th: Blue Star 22, curated by Anajli Gupta, editor of ARTL!ES Magazine. Exhibit opens June 28th. Annual San Antonio artist exhibition celebrating Contemporary Art Month.

Gallery 4
June 1st-17th: David Isenhour curated by Dr. Angelika Jansen-Brown. Exhibit opens June 1st at 6:00 p.m.. “My latest body of work is a continuing examination of humanity in a society that is overloaded with popular culture. Science fiction, cartoons and comics have always played an important role in my understanding of the past, present and future of the world we live in. I approach the human condition with a sense of humor that manifests itself within the application of different processes that illustrate this gestalt,” David Isenhour.