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Art In The Garden: Myth Magic And Mysteries: Susan Budge

July 10, 2008 - June 15, 2009

Image Gallery

July 10, 2008 – June 15, 2009
San Antonio Botanical Garden

Featuring Susan Budge


Myth, from the Greek “mythos” which means “speech” or “discourse”, a story that seeks to explain our universe and everyday natural phenomenon. Magic; illusions of the impossible or supernatural. Mysteries, that which is not easily explained.  Myth, Magic and Mysteries is a collection of works that reference fascination with things that are not easily explained. The purpose in myths is to explain the unexplainable to people who have difficulty with the unknown.   In my work, my preferred method of creating is to work in a spontaneous manner to capture information from my subconscious.  The result is to tap into primal and universal issues.  In the studio I will begin building a form with no real image of how the final piece will look.  As the form grows, a direction is determined and decisions are made in response to the form that evolves.  The end result is a surprise.  It’s almost as if I allow the forms to create themselves. I delight in discovering the surprise most of the time. If the result I get after opening the kiln door of a glaze firing is not a good one, the form will be re-fired until the end results enhance the form.

Determining titles for the works requires investigation into the meaning obtained from the subconscious, so it is not always easy for me to talk about my work. However, over the years it has become apparent that my work reflects whatever concerns exist in my life at a given moment.  When my life was filled with trauma I made narrative vessels that told the stories, when I was in a period of introspection my work was quiet and contemplative. As my body began menopause, I made objects referencing fertility.  Then, when I had my son, William, I made forms celebrating small proportions. As I became aware of William watching me, and the influence I would have on his life, I began the “Eye Spy” series.  Now my work is turning back to the sensual and mysterious.  As a teenager, I remember thinking that I did not want to have my life planned out in front of me, I wanted to wait for the surprises.  That is what my work is really about, celebrating the unknown, celebrating the moment and waiting for the surprises.

Myth Magic and Mysteries is a two-part exhibit, with the first part at the Botanical Gardens opening July 10, and the second part at Galleria Ortiz Contemporary opening September 12. – Susan Budge